Feb 14, 2012

McGeorge Sneak Peek...

I was pleased and honored to be able to photograph a friend from high school and her precious family!!! Before the shoot, we messaged back and forth about a location...after she said she liked a natural/rustic setting and also wanted to have some images of the family in their ball caps, I thought what better place than Deer Ridge Park in Kingwood. We got the best of both world's!! 

They are a family that loves baseball!  Dad had a clever idea...he got them each a ball cap of the team that shared the same initial of their first name!!  So, there was Allen, Melissa, Peyton, & Bryce!!  Such a cute idea!!

Feb 10, 2012

Pet Sessions

If you know anything about me, you are well aware of the fact that I love dogs...particularly pictures of dogs!!  I've had to limit myself on the amount of "dog decor" I have in my house!!

So, who is this dog??  This is Jose...I took this picture in December of 2010.  Jose recently passed away, and let me tell you, this picture made the family Christmas card!!  Jose was just THAT LOVED...truly a MEMBER OF THE E* FAMILY!! 

When I heard of his passing, I sent a message to my sweet friend, his momma, telling her I was sorry for her loss.  I always wondered what she would do without her "baby".  Her reply:  She was so glad she had this beautiful picture of Jose.

Pictures hold a special place in a person's heart...I've never known a person to regret having beautiful images, even of their pets!!    

I am now offering "Pet Sessions".  Please contact me if you are interested...prices are equivalent to my "people" sessions.